Role of Stock Market in Financial System

March 18, 2018

The stock market plays a crucial role in the financial system. It is considered as one of the best ways to increase their funds. But before you make any investment into the stock market, you should know how to get started. It may turn out to be a profitable affair as long as you know […]


Financial Statements Do Not Answer All Questions

March 1, 2018

An integrated understanding all of all the three components of a financial statement – Income statement, Balance sheet and a Cash flow statement is required to understand the operations of any business. The income statement reports the Profit or Loss for a period. The balance Sheet reports on the financial position of the business at […]


Relationship Between Insurance and Finance

February 18, 2018

Insurance and finance are closely interwoven fields of business, not least because they both involve money. They also often both involve speculation and risk, and often where one goes, the other will follow. Take property investment for example, it involves a large amount of capital out lay, swiftly followed by insurance to protect the capital […]


Guide to Financial Freedom

February 2, 2018

Bill and Mary Toohey, authors of The Average Family’s Guide to Financial Freedom, make average middle class salaries. Mary works as an office manager and Bill as a vocational rehab counselor for the state. On modest incomes, they have attained financial freedom and ensured that their needs will be met through retirement. Their book is […]


How Does the SBA Review Them?

January 18, 2018

8a Certification – Your firm’s financial statements? What is required to be submitted? All firms applying for 8a Certification must submit the following: a. A copy of the firm’s current year to date balance sheet and income statement. The date of these statements cannot be any older than 90 days old when submitted to the […]


Successful Financial Conversations When You’re Engaged

January 9, 2018

While money is a leading cause of marital strife, a recent Ameriprise study found that nearly seven in ten couples say they have good financial communication. Before wedding planning kicks into high gear, make conversations about your finances a priority. Taking the time today to talk through money matters can create a solid foundation for […]